Chris Joslin’s 21-Foot Backside Flip

Chris Joslin is a beast, we all know it now, but at what point can he push the limits of his craziness. Here is a new challenge at the Berrics that show it to us, and you can be sure that you are not going to be disappointed.

Dashawn Jordan | RADAR Part

Dashawn Jordan may be the next shinning star of skateboarding in an early futur, and that part definitely proves it. Winner of Tampa AM, a cover of skateboarder mag, and a lot of filming in Europe and in US, the least we can is that Dashawn had a hell of a year. In any cases …

It’s Kinda Lit – A Rolling Blackout at The Berrics

After having suffered a rain storm, the power went down at The Berrics, but it stayed on just enough to have one line of light. It takes more to take away the motivation of Jordan Maxham, Dave Bashinsky or Mike Patterson. And so they manage to create random little spots under these lights and just …

Kevin Braun – Off The Grid

It’s always a pleasure to see pro riders skating for the chill on spots that they discover at the same time than you. For his Off the grid Kevin Braun rides a random neighborhood of LA and he could have found some futur famous spots.

Ronnie Sandoval – Bangin!

The Berrics just dropped a new Bangin of Ronnie Sandoval who is enjoying the park as much as he can with curving transfers, rails, or with the hubbas. Simple but efficient !

Youness Amrani – He Could Go All The Way

The Berrics just dropped a new challenge video, and this time it’s for Youness Amrani. If you wondered how long can Youness do a backside nose grind, well here is the answer, and the least we can is that it’s very long.

Bastien Salabanzi – Medical Leave Of Absence

Watch how Bastien Salabanzi is healing from his ACL injury that happened with a fall on a set of stairs approximatively a year ago. Pain and perseverance are the two words that define the most what he felt during this year of recovery, but thanks to his doctor he is now slowly starting his come …

How Fast Can Luan Oliveira Tre Flip?!

Luan Oliviera is a beast, we all know it, but here is a new challenge for him. Thanks to the speed gun of The Berrics, you will see at what speed he can do a tre flip. If you had a guess, sure that you can add some miles per hour.

Chris Colbourn – Freedom Of Choice

Skateboarding can have an infinity of variations. Chris Colbourn proves it with this back lip to back lip at The Berrics, you just have to choose which one do you prefer.

The Berrics Best Of 2016 – Bangin!

The Berrics just came up with a nice best of the 52 bangin part released in 2016. This edit includes amongst others Nyjah Huston, Diego Najera, PJ Ladd and last but not least Alec Majerus.