Vans in Korea: Endless Light

Vans just sent four of their riders, Joseph Biais, Valentin Bauer, Nabil Slimani and Victor Pellegrin in south Korea to skate the incredible marble spots of the city and create a beautiful video called “Endless light”. In it you can also hear the testimony of the local rider Seung Wook Jee about life in Korea.

Geoff Rowley’s “Promo” Part

Catch 5 minutes of raw footage from Geoff Rowley’s in this “Promo” Part. Vans and Thrasher just came out with this nice clip of famous Geoff Rowley having an epic session in the Vans mini ramp, include a guest BMX rider as Kodak and guest skaters appearances like Ed Templeton, Eric Dressen, Christian Hosoi, Daniel …

VANS & PASS~PORT featuring Callum Paul & Nik Stipanovic

To announce the new collaboration between Vans and Passport, they just released a 7 minutes montage in the streets of Melbourne and Sydney from Australians ripper Paul Callum and Nick Stipanovic. Just sit down and click the button below to watch this video.

Interview: Florentin Marfaing

Florentin Marfaing isn’t the common skateboarder. Always down for a sesh anywhere, he notably destroyed the Dome ledge in Paris over the years like nobody else. We recently had the opportunity to seat down with Flo for a small talk about his skateboarding carreer, his own griptape’s brand and a lot more. How is going …

Flo Marfaing 2016 Edit

It’s been 13 years since the LORDZ crew shocked the world with the video They Don’t Give A Fuck About Us and Flo Marfaing hasn’t slowed down one bit. After dropping two full parts already this year we decided to chop them up and give you the RE-MIX edit featuring some of the highlights from …