Here’s how Dashawn Jordan hammered Hollywood 16

Watch how Dashawn Jordan destroyed the famous spot of Hollywood 16. In this video he explains how happened the session, his warm up, the photographers, and of course the security guards who came to stop them. It didn’t prevent him to make his frontside 3-6 boardslide on both rails in a row.

Dashawn Jordan | RADAR Part

Dashawn Jordan may be the next shinning star of skateboarding in an early futur, and that part definitely proves it. Winner of Tampa AM, a cover of skateboarder mag, and a lot of filming in Europe and in US, the least we can is that Dashawn had a hell of a year. In any cases …

Tampa Am 2016: Here’s How Dashawn Jordan Won

Here’s the comprehensive highlights clip from the last Tampa Am 2016 : Here’s How Dashawn Jordan Won. What does it take to beat 250 of the world’s very best and hungriest Ams, watch Dashawn Jordan final run and you will understand why he won this Tampa Am. Once again just press on the button play …

Damn Am NYC 2016 Video Recap

Here’s the comprehensive highlights clip of the Damm Am 2016 in New York at the LES park. In the end, Zach Zaraceno came out on top for the second Damn Am in a row, with a solid run and style to watch. The level was tight, so you will see or heard more from those …

Chicago Street Skating with the Nike SB Ams

Filmer Bart Jones and the SPot posse takes a break from the Damm Am contest to hit the streets of Chicago. By bikes OG Mike Sinclair shows some locals spots to Nike SB Ams like Robert Neal, Dylan Witkin, Zion Wright, Bart Jones, Kevin Scott and Dashawn Jordan.

Damn Am Chicago 2016 – Transworld Recap

Here we are in Chicago for the 4th stop of  the Damm Am 2016, over 100 skaters came to participate. Last year it was Yoshi Tanenbaum, who won the 2015 Damn Am of the Year. In Chicago’s Grant Park he shows us he finishes first. So he also gets a ticket to the pre-qualified in …

Dashawn Jordan for Bones Bearings

Watch the last advertisement of Dashawn Jordan for Bones Bearings. Filmed and edited by Vern Laird, Darshawn went to have a one day session at Lincoln Park and explain why he skates Bones Swiss Bearings.

2016 Damn Am Chicago: Finals and Best Trick

Watch the finals and best trick of the Damm Am contest in Chicago. It will features Am like Yoshi Tanenbaum, Henry Gartland, Alex Hancock, Alejandro Burnell, Dashawn Jordan, Jason William, Tyler Petersen, Zion Wright, Alex Midler and few more, ripping the park.