Nike SB: Luan Oliveira, Yuri Facchini and Crew – Extra Footages

You didn’t had enough of Luan with his last part? Good for you, Nike SB just put online the extras of his video part “All for one”, but also the one of Yuri Facchini “One for all”. In it you can see tricks from other angles or lines that you didn’t see, and footage from …

Yuri Facchini – Nike SB All For One Part

Nike SB just dropped a brand new part of Yuri Facchini and his brazilian crew called “All for one”, that must be the follow of the previous one, “One for all”. Carlos Ribeiro, Luan Oliviera or Rodrigo Petersen are here to show us how they ride in Brazil with pop and speed.

Boulevard Olympic

In celebration of the Olympics being over let the real games begin ! Boulevard Skateboards just released a série of new boards, just watch this short clip of Carlos Iqui, Tiago Lemos, Rodrigo Petersen and Danny Cerezini.

Macba Life – #Macbalifers 5

This is a small clip made by Charles Chavez for Macba Life only filmed in Go pro. The montage featured image from Macbalifers like Luypa Sin, Rodrigo Petersen, Michael Sommer, Julien Mérour, Kevin Besset, Neverton Casella, Samuel Jimmy, Josef Scott, Alex Cardoso, Wagner Gallo, Mathias Torres, Thaynan Costa, Andrey Ryzhov, Derek Acosta and Yuri Fachini.

Boulevard Quinto

Boulevard Skateboards created by Danny Montoya, Rob Gonzales and Rodrigo Petersen just released their first video called QUINTO A stunning video that give you motivation to go skate, especially with the parts of Danny Cerezeni, Carlos Iqui and the incredible Thiago Lemos ! The music is good as well.