Damn Am NYC 2016 Video Recap

Here’s the comprehensive highlights clip of the Damm Am 2016 in New York at the LES park.

In the end, Zach Zaraceno came out on top for the second Damn Am in a row, with a solid run and style to watch. The level was tight, so you will see or heard more from those Am’s in the next future, the list is long : Niko Howard, Judson Fahrat, Tski Raharinaivo, Santiago Rodriguez, Tyson Bowerbank, Robbyn Magby, Robert Neal, Manny santiago, Josh Katz, Greg Valencia, Carlos Mendoza, Steve Mendoza, Sean Roche, Alex Midler, Max Potter, Wackson Mass, Shauwn Rutler, Mario Mc Coy, Santiago Rodriguez, Yoshi Tanenbaum, Dashawn Jordan, Marcus Jalaber, Jeremy Knibbs, Zion Wright and Zach Zaraceno.

Hit play to watch this Damm Am NYC Video Recap.

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